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TIGER PARTY is a musical collective led by keyboardist Blake Mobley & vocalist Ashley Niven featuring a diverse group of musicians from across the county. Since its conception, Tiger Party has welcomed to the stage and studio members of STS9, Lotus, The Disco Biscuits, JRAD, The Motet, Analog Son, along with a myriad of other artists from coast to coast. The rotating cast of musicians creates a unique vibe at every show so as the lineup changes, so does the music. With the release of their 3rd studio effort, ‘True North’, Tiger Party is once again on the prowl and no dance floor is safe.  

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Blake Mobley helped found electronic trio Damn Right!. DR lit up the eastern seaboard, hosting such musicians as Bernie Worrell, Marco Benevento & John “The Barber” Gutwillig of the Disco Biscuits while Blake also toured with funk outfit, Basshound. After straddling both musical worlds and fueled by the passion for collaboration, Mobley went on to form Tiger Party, showcasing some of the talented friends he met in his travels. While Blake recorded the first Tiger Party album in Maryland and helped to get the project off the ground in Colorado, it was not until his path crossed with Ashley that the sound of the band was fully realized.

While Blake was grinding the east coast scene, Ashley Niven was well on the way down her own musical path. She toured as an Epic recording artist in the early 2000’s with the group P.Y.T..  The dynamic female quartet toured with ’N Sync, Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child and 98 Degrees and shared the stage with Sting at Super Bowl XXXV. After moving to Denver in 2012, she met Blake and the two have performed around the country with various ensembles including the Stratosphere Allstars, Seven Arrows, LCD Soundsystem tributes and more. Ashley brings a strong stage presence with a voice to match and truly gives Tiger Party it’s signature ROAR.

With a strong friendship, a growing musical catalog, and list of stellar Tiger musicians, expect some furrocious times ahead for Tiger Party…

TRUE NORTH: After releasing their self-titled debut album in 2013 and Made of Stars in 2014, Tiger Party continues its journey with the 2016 release of ‘True North’. While Ashley’s fingerprints can be found all over ‘Made of Stars’, ‘True North’ marks the first true collaboration between her and Blake. With Blake laying the foundation, the songs for True North truly took form once Ashley brought her sultry vocals and fresh ideas to the table. Once Tiger Party hit Scanhope Sound Studios, bassist/sound engineer/producer Joshua Fairman added his unique vision to the mix and along with the help of some talented musician friends, these songs began to point towards ‘True North’.  

True North takes on a humanistic tone of love and acceptance set against a landscape of electronic beats. “In many ways ‘True North’ is a continuation of ‘Made of Stars’ with lyrics that invoke the feeling that we are all connected on this rock spinning through space…and acknowledges that this rock can be a crazy place”,  says Mobley. “One of my favorite Niven lyrics on the album that gets me every time is ‘Lean in close, sometimes the world can shake you’”.

From the seductive but driving, “No Chance” to the irresistible “If I Told You” and dancey tracks like “Gold Rising Higher” (feat. Devon Parker) and “Dance Machine”, the album showcases a wide range of dynamics while keeping a strong cohesive feel. Whether listening on headphones, in the car, through your system at home, or in the club, Tiger Party will help guide you towards your True North.


Blake Mobley || Tiger Party
Ashley Niven || Tiger Party
David Murphy || formerly STS9
Tom Hamilton || JRAD & American Babies
Allen Aucoin || The Disco Biscuits
Mike Rempel || Lotus
Mike Greenfield || Lotus
Joey Porter || The Motet
Garrett Sayers || The Motet
Matt Butler || Everyone Orchestra
Cris Jacobs || The Bridge & Neville Jacobs
Ryan Burnett || Signal Path & Chrome Drones
Nathan Graham || John Kadlecik Band
Jon Wood || ELM & The Psycho Killers
Seth Fankhauser || The Malah
Clark Smith || Dynohunter
Frederick Reisen || Dynohunter
Craig Heneveld || UDNTPRTY
Jaden Carlson || Jaden Carlson Band
Josh Fairman || Analog Son & Kinetix
Jordan Linit || Analog Son & Kinetix
George Horn || Analog Son & Kinetix
Kevin Donohue || Sunsquabi
Tanner Bardin || Eminence Ensemble
Zac Flynn || Eminence Ensemble
Will Trask || Runinkine
Ian Mcguire || CIA
Leah Concialdi || Tnertle & Atomga
Pete Wall || Chrome Drones
Patrick Rainey || The Bridge
Mario D’Ambrosio || Yellow Dubmarine
Matt Walton || The Former Champions
Ashby  || The Former Champions
Fleeb Keith Thomas || Octopus Nebula
Greg Maly || Basshound
Alex Johnson || The Drunken Hearts
Dave Cavalier || Black Lung
Mike Bruin || Breaking Spaces

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photos by J.Mimna